And You Were There (and you were there, and you were there, and you were there​.​.​.​)

by The Vanity Project

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A dark little ditty about dreams and break ups.


Can't call you on the phone, I'll call you in a dream.
Our minds will wander and we'll ramble in between.

Talking to you now much more than I used to,
But we're both far away, not sure if you're there too.
Are you?

I'll take you there, I'll take you there, I'll take you there myself.
You put me on a pedestal, I'll put you on a shelf.
We'll wander through the everglades, I'll put you on a throne,
And then we'll take our clothes off and I'll leave you all alone.
You stretch me to infinity to see if/when I break,
But if I do, don't panic, you can have and eat your cake.
I want to have and eat mine too,
We gorge and gorge until we're full

And never regret it, I'll never regret it.

Each night a flicker, our reiterating scenes.
Awake to sleep and sleep, the reel spins fake
Cos I've been taping up the seems, and I've forgotten where I've been
(And I'm repeating the same lines...)

Talking to you but my words make no sense now,
Wish I was far away, do you know the way out?
(... I look back and your face is wrong,
Re-trace my steps throughout this song,
I look back and the crumbs are gone.)

I'm taking back, I'm taking back, I'm taking back myself.
Keep staring up a pedestals and it's bad for my health.
You chase me through the everglades, you put me on a throne,
You're prodding me with sticks and you just won't leave me alone.
Don't stretch me to infinity, cos I'm about to break
And give me back that fork, cos this is my cake.
I've had my piece, I'll have yours too,
I'm never, ever, ever full.

And never regret it, I'll never regret it.

If I know you, you'll be staring at the celling till it's dark,
And you were there, scrubbing at the place I left a mark.

Last night you had spiders in your eyes and in your hair
And underneath your fingernails;
That's some Freudian shit right there.
Now I'm a bear,
I bowl you over, rip into your chest,
And next
We drive to Scarborough. What a lovely sunny day.
We gather pace towards the sea front, tumble off the top,
Towards the rocks,
But we stop
At the place that we first kissed.
I've missed your cheap perfrume smells,
Your boxy atic room as well
As memories flutter into water
Ships are sputtering towards us
Over the Horizon.
Water's rising
And we're washed away to some foreign sofa,
You've invited me over,
But you're fucking all the natives
And you made my tea exactly how I hate it.
Too much milk
And you left the teabag in too long.


released November 3, 2015



all rights reserved


The Vanity Project Manchester, UK

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